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No-Fuss Setup

Here’s how to set up your new Cocoon™ by Sealy mattress:

  • 1. Unbox

    Slide the compressed mattress out of the box.

  • 2. Set it Down

    Place the rolled mattress on a flat, sturdy foundation.

  • 3. Set it Free

    Remove the tape and pull the wrapper apart at the seam.

  • 4. Watch & Marvel

    Your mattress will reach near-full shape after 1 minute.

  • Warranty

    10 years to earn your trust.

    We’re proud of the quality we’ve built into our mattresses. With the experience of Sealy behind us, we build them to last for years. In fact, we’re so confident that we offer a 10 Year Full Replacement Limited Warranty so you can buy without worrying about your mattress breaking down. Sleep well.

  • Built in North America

    We proudly design and assemble all of our mattresses in North America, using the same Sealy expertise that has been crafting exceptional-quality Sealy mattresses for years.

Choosing and Ordering

  • How do I choose Firm or Soft?

    Some people want to feel cuddled in their bed, while others love a wonderfully solid surface underneath them. Here’s how to choose between our two feels:

    • Choose Soft if you like sleeping IN your bed; it feels cozy and more enveloping
    • Choose Firm if you like sleeping ON your bed; it feels sturdy and more substantial
  • I’ve heard that one mattress fits everyone. Is that true?

    If there’s one thing we’ve learned in 130 years making mattresses, it’s that a mattress is a personal choice. That’s why we offer the two most popular options: Firm and Soft. Both offer durable support and conforming comfort – but in a feel choice that works for you.

  • What are the dimensions and weight for the mattress?

    Your Cocoon™ by Sealy uses standard U.S. mattress sizing, and the weights vary by size.

    Mattress size

    Twin 38" / 96.5 cm width x 74.5" / 189.2 cm length x 10" / 25.4 cm height

    Twin XL 38" / 96.5 cm width x 79.5" / 201.9 cm length x 10" / 25.4 cm height

    Full 53" / 134.6 cm width x 74.5" / 189.2 cm length x 10" / 25.4 cm height

    Queen 60" / 152.4 cm width x 79.5" / 201.9 cm length x 10" / 25.4 cm height

    King 76" / 193 cm width x 79.5" / 201.9 cm length x 10" / 25.4 cm height

    Weight (mattress only)

    Twin: 39.5 lbs / 17.9 kg

    Twin XL: 42.1 lbs / 19.1 kg

    Full: 55.7 lbs / 25.3 kg

    Queen: 64.4 lbs / 29.2 kg

    King: 82.6 lbs / 37.5 kg

  • What are the dimensions and weight for the box that arrives?

    We designed the Cocoon™ by Sealy box to easily fit through a standard doorframe, and it is designed to be capable of handling by one person.

    Box size (for all mattress sizes)

    15" / 38.1 cm x 15" / 38.1 cm x 44" / 111.8 cm

    Weight (mattress + box)

    Twin: 48.3 lbs / 21.9 kg

    Twin XL: 50.9 lbs / 23.1 kg

    Full: 64.5 lbs / 29.3 kg

    Queen: 73.2 lbs / 33.2 kg

    King: 91.7 lbs / 41.6 kg

  • Why buy a Cocoon™ by Sealy instead of another mattress?

    Our mattresses are designed by Sealy experts. They carefully consider every detail and then build upon 130 years of expertise. We build every mattress from high-quality materials, engineering each one to be durable for years of comfort. We know that your mattress is a personal choice, so we offer a selection of feels.

Cleaning, Sheets, Miscellaneous

Building Your Mattresss

  • What’s in my mattress?

    Your Cocoon™ by Sealy consists of two basic parts: a Comfort Layer on top and the Base Support System underneath that. Surrounding them both is our Premium Fabric Cover

    • The Premium Fabric Cover is both breathable and durable, with stretch-knit construction so you experience the “cushion” of the top layer.
    • The Comfort Layer uses our Perfect Fit Memory Foam, a high-quality, higher-density foam that cradles you.
    • The Base Support System uses our Essential Support Foam, a heavier, more robust foam that’s engineered to be highly durable and resilient. We use Reinforced Essential Support Foam for our Firm Cocoon™ by Sealy mattress, and Flexible Essential Support Foam for our Soft Cocoon™ by Sealy mattress.
  • Where is my mattress assembled?

    We’re happy to report that your Cocoon™ by Sealy is both designed and assembled in the U.S.

  • Does it transfer movement from my sleep partner?

    Cocoon™ by Sealy uses a layer of memory foam on top, and that helps reduce the amount of movement from your sleep partner. The Soft model reduces a bit more motion transfer than the Firm model

  • Does the new mattress smell?

    When your Cocoon™ by Sealy arrives, there may be a slight smell. Think of this like the smell in your new car. It’s the result of the cells in the foam opening. The most important thing to know is that the smell will disappear—typically during the first week. Just as important to know: the smell is normal and short-lived.



  • Has Cocoon™ by Sealy been product tested?

    Before we started to sell Cocoon™ by Sealy, we tested it using a full set of industry-standard tests, including VOC and ARA testing. But because we’ve been building mattresses for over 130 years, we add a few that go above and beyond the average to test foam and mattress durability. Rest assured: your mattress has passed a battery of extremely tough tests!

  • Are the foams in my mattress safe? Has Cocoon received any safety certifications? Is Cocoon certified by Certi-PUR?

    Yes, the foams used in your Cocoon by Sealy mattress are safe. They’ve been certified by the CertiPUR-US® program, a not-for-profit organization that conducts rigorous safety inspections prior to awarding certifications.

    For more information on the CertiPUR-US® program, visit http://certipur.us