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The Perfect Mattress.

Whether you're #TEAMFIRM or #TEAMSOFT, we have a premium memory foam mattress that works for you.

Cocoon mattress cutaway
1. Premium Fabric Cover
Our premium stretch-knit fabric cover with spun poly fibers that’s breathable and durable with a soft feel.
2. Perfect Fit Memory Foam
Our high-quality memory foam adapts to your body size, shape and sleep position to ensure a great sleep no matter which feel is right for you.
3. Personalized Comfort Layer
Choose our soft layer for a cozier, more “in-the-bed” feel. Choose our firm layer for a sturdier, “on-the-bed” feel.
4. Essential Support Foam
Engineered to be highly durable and resilient. We’ve tested it, and we know it bounces back every time.

One Look. Two Choices.

Dimensions for your perfect space

76 x 79.5"
60 x 79.5"
53 x 74.5"
38 x 79.5"

A mattress in a box?

No-Fuss Setup

Here’s how to set up your new Cocoon™ by Sealy mattress:

  • Cocoon setup - Unbox

    1. Unbox

    Slide the compressed mattress out of the box.

  • Cocoon setup - Set it Down

    2. Set it Down

    Place the rolled mattress on a flat, sturdy foundation.

  • Cocoon setup - Set it Free

    3. Set it Free

    Remove the tape and pull the wrapper apart at the seam.

  • Cocoon setup - Watch and marvel

    4. Watch & Marvel

    Your mattress will reach near-full shape after 1 minute.

What our owners ARE saying

"They brought the box right to my door"


"It was easy for me to move the mattress into the bedroom"

Joshua the Personal Trainer

"I was amazed how the mattress came to life in a few minutes"

Jeremy Kettle

Cocoon Classic Firm Mattress Cocoon Classic Soft Mattress
One look. Two choices.
Whether you want softer or firmer, we have a premium Sealy memory foam mattress that works for you.
Reviews & more from our owners
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  • "The mattress breathes nicely, which keeps the bed cool"

    Jenn L

  • "I love this new mattress. Very comfortable!"


  • "I wake up feeling more relaxed"


  • "Immediately noticed the difference in support & comfort"

    Giovani Ramirez

Cocoon warranty - testing
10 Year Warranty
Backed by over 135 years of Sealy quality

The quality of our testing center is unmatched. We go above and beyond industry standards to guarantee our mattresses will stand up to 10 years of use.

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