Cocoon by Sealy -- Designed and tested
JP Gwaltney, Engineer, 2 years at Sealy

We wanted to do it right.

We designed and tested over 100 prototypes during our two-year journey to develop a shippable mattress that measures up to Sealy’s standards of quality and durability."

Cocoon by Sealy -- In-house design, development
Leigh Morrison, Designer, 16 years at Sealy

In-house design, development, and manufacturing.

We control the entire production process, from the high-quality materials used to the finished product, so you can trust that the Cocoon™ by Sealy is a superior quality bed."

Cocoon by Sealy -- Our quality testing is unmatched.
Allen Platek, Head of R&D, 20 years at Sealy

Not all mattresses are created equal. Our quality testing is unmatched.

Our flagship testing center in North Carolina performs proprietary and patented tests to ensure Sealy’s mattresses exceed standards and are built to last. Our mattresses are tested for durability, comfort life, safety/flammability, and even the effects of packaging, shipping and handling."

The Sealy Testing Center

The “Rollator Surface Fatigue” and “Mattress Durability Impact Test” use 225 lbs of force over and over to evaluate how our mattresses stand up to wear and tear. The Cocoon™ by Sealy has been tested on over 100,000 cycles of each—simulating 10 years of use—to ensure our product lives up to our guarantee.

Cocoon by Sealy -- The 'Rollator Surface Fatigue' and 'Mattress Durability Impact Test'.

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